Heart of a Killer4stars




By David Rosenfelt
Minotaur Books, $24.99, 298 pages

When a large law firm assigns one of its low-ranking attorneys, Jamie Wagner, to a pro-bono case, he has no idea that his boring life is about to become an astonishing adventure. The case involves a female prisoner, Sheryl Harrison, convicted of murdering her abusive husband. She now wants to die in order to provide her very ill daughter with the heart she needs. A seemingly hopeless case at first, the more Jamie learns the more complex it becomes. Beyond the right-to-die issue, he turns up dirt on the husband, who had ties to criminal activity. Working with the detective who originally investigated the death of the husband, he becomes embroiled, along with the FBI, in a nationwide hunt for a local terrorist. Will Sheryl’s conviction be overturned, setting her free to die? Does she succeed in dying for her daughter? Does her daughter survive?

David Rosenfelt, author of 12 novels including One Dog Night, is an Edgar and Shamus Award-nominated writer. He and his wife recently moved to Maine with the 27 golden receivers they have rescued and rehabilitated over the years.

The riveting suspense and astounding twists make this a fascinating story. The memorable main players come to life as ordinary people caught in volatile situations.

Reviewed by Fran Byram

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