High-Tech, High-Touch Customer Service5stars



Thought Approach to Customer Service

By Micah Solomon
Amacom, $23.00, 194 pages

Micah Solomon’s High-tech, High-Touch Customer Service tackles the age-old topic of customer service with a modern twist—the new world of social commerce. With current vehicles such as Twitter and Yelp at any customer’s fingertips, Solomon stresses the importance of thoughtful customer service. Solomon shares many examples of companies that serve the customer well, and also shares stories of companies that missed the mark. He poses several thought-provoking questions, and he provides acronyms to jump start your customer service framework. At the end of each chapter, there is a section titled, “and your point is?” which summarizes the key points of each chapter. These summaries are a great way to glean the content of the chapter, but readers should take in the entire chapter to understand the philosophy behind the concept and hear some specific stories and examples that illustrate it.

There are tons of books on customer service, but Solomon’s easy-to-read, logical, practical approach makes reading this particular book distinctly rewarding. I loved the sections about anticipating the customer’s needs and self-service. I hope companies pick up this book and implement its ideas right away! If done right, companies can easily have customers for life.

Reviewed by Seniye Groff

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