How Lucky You Are A Novel3 star



A Poignant Tale of Friendship and The Secrets We Keep

By Kristyn Kusek Lewis
5 Spot, $13.99, 340 pages

Waverly and her two best friends, Amy and Kate, have the lives they’ve worked so hard for: Waverly runs a small bakery, whipping up scones and muffins every morning. Kate is married to a Virginia politician on the campaign trail and Amy is a stay-at-home mother with her adorable toddler in the suburbs. Life is what they always hoped it would be. Or is it? In How Lucky You Are these three women are confronted with the secrets that haunt them and are forced to make tough decisions. Compassionately written around these empathetic characters, How Lucky You Are is a poignant novel in which women’s relationships take center stage. The world Lewis creates is richly woven and a pleasure to imagine. Her vision of Washington D.C., from the campaign trail to the bakery, is captivating, though at times the characters feel predictable and lacking in complexity. Lewis delves into messy issues like jealousy and familial secrecy, but gives us an ending so simple and picture-perfect, that it is hard to swallow. Overall, How Lucky You Are is a delicious tale for readers who enjoy novels that dig below the surface and center around strong women.

Reviewed by Kristin Leigh

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