I Suck at Girls4stars




By Justin Halpern
It Books, $16.99, 180 pages

I Suck at Girls is a hilarious, gut-wrenching, down-to-earth comedy about author Justin Halpern’s life-long trouble with girls. When Halpern decides to propose to his girlfriend, his father advises him to spend the next 24-hours piecing together a puzzle of all his experiences with women and, based on the final product, make his decision. Justin takes this advice to heart, and spends the day thinking over his experiences, from the drawing he did of a hovering dog pooping on the head of his first crush, to when he became constipated after 3 nights of partying in Europe.

Halpern is a wonderful storyteller. He expertly describes these events to the reader as if you are old friends. The comical events of his life are portrayed in an open, honest way, as if you are sitting across from him in your living room, busting your sides with laughter. If you enjoyed Sh*t My Dad Says, you’ll definitely enjoy I Suck at Girls.

Reviewed by Taylor Pittman

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