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Life in Small-Town America

By Sue Hunter Rohde & Debra Lea Meaghers
Arcadia Publishing, $21.99, 127 pages

The Images of America books are an important resource for historians who wish to see small-town America in pictures and learn how small towns grew over the decades. In this book we get to see the rise of the small town of Dallas, Oregon, just outside of the state capital, Salem.

Like all the other Images of America books it is a picture book with captions. But these pictures explore a world that is not always accessible in book form. When they say that a picture is worth a thousand words they are talking about these books. The pictures provide a brief glimpse into the daily lives of people in a small farming community over the years, including what they did for fun, the businesses, school and life in general. These books are an important resource. Dallas was a small town at the edge of the valley, before the Coastal Range. Even though it is bigger today, it is still not a huge town and still retains some of its small-town charm. This book provides a look into the past and how the average person lived.

Reviewed by Kevin Winter

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