Life After Theft3 star



By Aprilynne Pike
Harper, $16.99, 352 pages

Written from the perspective of a guy named Jeff Clayson, this novel tackles several interesting issues. New to Whitestone Academy, Jeff is experiencing the emotional turmoil that comes with joining a school halfway through the year. He finds solace in both the hot girls he meets on his first day, but his silver lining is quickly engulfed by the fact that one of the girls won’t leave him alone.

Kimberlee is a ghost in need of redemption and Jeff seems to be the only one who can help. Cue the other hot girl and Jeff has a hectic schedule filled with returning a kleptomaniac’s stash to society and unearthing why his new love interest hates Kimberlee.

“I knew I should feel flattered that a hot girl wanted anything to do with me, but there’s a saying about what you don’t do with crazy people. Ever.”

Pike manages to channel the male perspective, but there are a few instances where the boys are slightly flat. Kimberlee is full of sass and was the mean girl in her former life. Her perspective will likely keep the reader wondering who the real villains are. Plenty of humor balances out the seriousness of Kimberlee’s predicament and the pain she inflicted on others when alive. A story of addiction, broken friendships and new beginnings, Life After Theft is a realistic portrayal of the teen spirit.

Reviewed by Isabel Hernandez

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