Lunar Tao4stars



By Deng Ming-Dao
HarperOne, $18.99, 429 pages

This book has me hooked on Tao philosophy. I was able to immediately relate to and utilize the insights it gives on the rhythm of life. I kept this book by my bedside and would open it up each night to read the page corresponding to the day within the lunar and seasonal calendar ¬– of course, sometimes I would skip around (a reader can begin anywhere and gain something). What makes this book so approachable is that notes on the historical and cultural roots and practices related to the day or theme show that the colloquial coexists with the esoteric.

“We face stress and mutilation each day. Since we only die once, what’s right to do?”

You do not need to go through any initiation to use Tao’s wisdom, but can simply reflect on the two-line stanzas at the start and finish of each day’s page to gain a new perspective. Highly recommended to jump into Tao and its applicability to your life.

Reviewed by Sarah Alibabaie

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