Maya Makes A Mess3 star



Maya Dines with the Queen

By Rutu Modan
Toon Books, $12.95, 32 pages

In Maya Makes A Mess, Maya’s manners need some work. Her parents are constantly reminding her to sit up, use silverware and not eat with her hands. When they ask her how she would act if the queen invited her for dinner, a royal guard is suddenly there to whisk her away for a meal with the queen.

While there, her poor manners disgust the queen and her guests. But, in the truest form of politeness, the queen asks everyone to try and eat like Maya. The dinner guests have a ball slurping their spaghetti and squeezing ketchup into their mouths and adopting all of Maya’s other messy habits.

Maya Makes A Mess is a comic-like book by Rutu Modan. Young readers will enjoy following along with comment bubbles and the diverse cartoon images lining every page. The book is funny and offers a twist on what readers will think is going to happen, but the message requires some reinforcement discussion after reading. Kids will learn that manners are important, but being yourself allows you to connect with others and make new friends.

Reviewed by Sophia Sestero

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