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By Rosie Pope
It Books, $19.99, 254 pages

Rosie Pope, the host of the cable network TV show Pregnant in Heels, is here to help all women, not just her New York City clients, with her new book, Mommy IQ. In her cheeky, personable and unmistakable style, Rosie tackles questions that veer from  the usual pregnancy books. Straying from the usual, often clinical-sounding pregnancy and parenting guides, Rosie Pope guides the reader through gestation, covering a wide range of lifestyle and medical basics and making this the perfect book for the woman who needs to know how to rock heels while six months pregnant in addition to the typical pregnancy issues.

Pope’s tendency to give personal anecdotes and suggestions is countered by a vast team of professionals she includes in short sections throughout the book, adding expert advice to her personal insights. Between short pieces by a fitness guru and an OB-GYN and anonymous quotes from men, Pope covers a wide range of topics, preparing readers for their newborn child with their sanity and stylish wardrobes intact.

“No, its not the penguin flu, or whatever health-scare hysteria is going on right now, you’re just pregnant, sweetcheeks.”

While Mommy IQ will have you laughing out loud from page one, Rosie Pope’s writing style is at times a bit wordy. It was refreshing to read a pregnancy book that has in-depth sections on maternity fashion and social etiquette, and it makes up for some of her wacky nicknames for body parts that come across as condescending and just plain annoying. Pope discusses a range of issues with a refreshing frankness that many pregnancy books just gloss over, making it the perfect book for that first-time mom who feels overwhelmed by where to start.

Reviewed by Kristin Leigh

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