Murdock For Hire5stars




By Robert J. Ray
Camel Press, $13.95, 215 pages

It isn’t surprising that Murdock For Hire – first published in 1987 – is being reprinted now. This book, A Matt Murdock Murder Mystery, by Robert J. Ray, hasn’t lost its magnetism or its classic charm, and the reader won’t be able to put it down. Private eye Matt Murdock is asked by the widow of software tycoon Eddie Hennessy to find his missing coin collection, which disappeared from a safety-deposit box after Eddie’s death. While searching for the stolen treasure, Murdock discovers Lido Enterprises, a criminal organization that deals in upscale prostitutes, high grade cocaine and blackmail – and which may be responsible for Hennessy’s death.

A former cop and Vietnam vet, the aging Matt Murdock is a man of action who hasn’t lost his instincts. Before this book is over, there will be many explosions and the bodies will be piled high. Even being shot up, Matt will demonstrate his toughness and finally save the day. Can you say that the case is closed?

Reviewed by Galina Roizman

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