My Dog, My Cat5stars



Do You Prefer Meows or Barks?

By Ashlee Fletcher
Tanglewood Publishing, $7.99, 32 pages

Is your little one fond of cats or dogs? Now you don’t have to make them choose! Author Ashlee Fletcher celebrates both four-legged creatures in My Dog, My Cat. This sturdy board book will fit perfectly in the tiny hands of beginning readers. Fletcher’s book is fun, creative and sure to be a success.

The book compares and contrasts dogs and cats. The story and illustrations are simple and straightforward. A dog barks while a cat meows. A dog’s tongue is wet and a cat’s tongue is rough. But both animals love their owner with all their hearts. Bright lines and bold borders provide nice transitions between pages. The narrator is not specified by gender, so both girls and boys can picture themselves in the role.

Parents can use this book to start a conversation with their youngsters about the concept of opposites and similarities. And it’s important for children to learn that while two things may appear to be different at first, they often have many things in common.

Reviewed by Elizabeth Franklin

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