Ollie & Moon Fuhgeddaboudit!5stars



Guaranteed Giggles with Each Page

By Diane Kredensor
Random House Books for Young Readers, $15.99, 32 pages

Ollie and Moon are best friends. Moon’s favorite thing to do is make Ollie laugh and she’ll do anything to get her pal to crack a smile. A funny lip-sound contest usually makes Ollie snort with glee. Spinning like mad and eating crazy food typically sends him sprawling on the floor with laughter…but not today. What can Moon do to cheer him up? In Ollie & Moon: Fuhgeddaboudit, author Diane Kredensor takes the two feline friends to New York City on a quest for fun! The illustrations make this book fantastic and photographic backdrops set the scene for a great story, with Kredensor placing the cartoony characters in actual photos of New York. When a group of animal friends ride the Staten Island Ferry, Moon dons a silly Statue of Liberty hat, but Ollie doesn’t even chuckle. Silly dance moves in a subway station leave Ollie bored. The duo visits Chinatown and Times Square and watches a performance by professional chicken mimes! Will Ollie laugh before the end of their trip to New York? This funny story about friendship will have kids giggling as they follow Ollie and Moon on their big-city adventure.

Reviewed by Kathryn Franklin

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