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Mr. Wiesel’s Open Heart

By Elie Wiesel, Translated by Marion Wiesel
Alfred A. Knopf, $20.00, 80 pages

Open Heart is a short read chronicling Elie Wiesel’s open heart surgery experience. He carefully reconstructs his internal monologue as the doctors discover his heart condition and rush him into emergency surgery. With painful honesty he expresses his fear, loneliness and faith. In his gentle fashion he teaches his readers about life, walking us through the discovery of his illness, the surgery itself and the tenuous experience of recovery. As he undergoes anesthesia we are taken back to the Holocaust and, led by the hand, we explore what it is to die and what it is to live after death. This book, although short, is a grand tour of education. It is a treasure of experience and knowledge, and we can only be thankful that Mr. Wiesel chose to share it with the world.

Reviewed by Nicole Green

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