Out of Warranty A Novel4stars



Great Summer Read!

By Haywood Smith
St. Martin’s Press, $25.99, 312 pages

Haywood Smith’s latest book, Out of Warranty, will make you laugh out loud with its funny storyline and snarky writing style.

Cassie Jones has been widowed for a year and suffers from an unnamed ailment. She is relieved when she finally finds a doctor who can give her a diagnosis, but also dumbfounded to learn that her insurance company will reimburse almost nothing of her treatment. During one of her many visits to the doctor’s office, she meets a moody divorcee with the same ailment. Cassie and Jack Wilson begin “meeting up” in the waiting room at their weekly appointments, where they develop a cautious friendship, before finally deciding to help each other out with their financial and medical needs. During the same time, Cassie is testing out the dating scene with little luck. Cassie and Jack are both caught off guard by what “real” friendship can reveal.

Out of Warranty is a light-hearted work of fiction that reveals a plausible plot with humor and good writing. Cassie’s frustrations with her insurance company, remodeling her home, and trying to find “mister right” in the dating scene are all very relatable. You will smile and laugh with satisfaction, right up to the last page of this book.

Reviewed by Seniye Groff

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