Painting with Light4stars



Find Your Style

By Eric Curry
Amherst Media, Inc., $39.95, 160 pages

Given that the level of amazing technology applied to cameras (usually digital) has allowed those with even a casual interested to dabble in photography, it’s no wonder there are so many aspiring photographers today. However, becoming a photographer is much more than great technology. Painting with Light: Lighting & Photoshop Techniques for Photographers, by Eric Curry, is an approachable how-to book regarding one of the most important aspects of photography – lighting. There are many ways for a photographer to manipulate lighting in order to highlight specific elements, change the mood and so much more. Curry brings a refreshing style to such foundational techniques.

Painting with Light is filled with beautiful examples of Curry’s work. After starting with an educational perspective regarding the role lighting plays in photography, he moves on to provide information about technique and style. Each of his techniques is broken down step-by-step and illustrated with a series of images that allow you to see how the techniques are applied to a subject. Finally, Curry encourages the reader to take his ideas and explore – find your own style and what works for your photography.

Painting with Light is an excellent book for learning how to create your own style using a fundamental element of photography, allowing you to further explore the depths of your images.

Reviewed by Rachel Richards

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