Paris Flea Market Style4stars



By Claudia Strasser
Gibbs Smith, $24.99, 160 pages,

Claudia Strasser’s Paris Flea Market Style leads the reader in a journey through the Paris streets on the lookout for the perfect piece of furniture or fabric. The book is divided into nine chapters ranging from furniture, lighting, collectibles, paper goods, textiles and outdoors. Strasser provides details about the four main markets in Paris: Clignancourt, Vanves, Aligre and Montreuil. She shares each market’s information, history, hours and location. Strasser suggests details to look for, upholstering ideas and ways to decorate your home with your Parisian finds. She asks the reader to keep an open mind and consider how an item might do “double duty” as one learns to appreciate the French detail. This book is littered with over 150 colorful photos displaying different pieces of furniture and even some close-ups of the wonderful details of the numerous market finds (including carvings and hand painted finishes).

“What appears to be damaged, such as cracked wood in a table, can often add character. Sometimes a defect may even work in your favor, as it could lower the price tremendously.”

The resource page (literally one page) was skimpy — the only real disappointment within this book. Even if you are not a Francophile, you will definitely consider yourself one when you finish reading this delightfully delicious book.

Reviewed by Seniye Groff

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