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Fun Quilting Designs

By Trine Bakke
Skyhorse Publishing, $24.95, 99 pages

How do you display quilts you make yourself or receive as gifts? Are they scattered around the house for people to enjoy or are they folded away in a dark cabinet? Avid quilter, pattern designer and author Trine Bakke believes that quilts should be washed and used until they are old, worn and shrunken, just like a beloved great-grandmother.

Patchwork Quilts is a great resource for crafters looking to make beautiful and comforting works of art. Readers will find detailed instructions on how to make more than 30 projects including sewn candle wraps, quilted images for picture frames, seasonal welcome signs, tablecloths, wall hangings, a chef’s apron, pillows and more. Full-size patterns on pattern sheets are included at the back of the book to help crafters get started, and 208 beautiful color photographs provide inspiration and show completed projects. Bakke’s comments about fabric and color choice prove to be very helpful for quilters of any skill level.

It would have been nice if Bakke had provided readers with more information about Scandinavian art and why the book’s particular patterns are considered traditional designs. But she does add personal, interesting facts before each entry, like what inspires her and her experiences with themed quilt competitions.

Reviewed by Elizabeth Franklin

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