Pati's Mexican Table5stars



The Mexican Cuisine You Thought You Knew

By Pati Jinich
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, $30.00, 288 pages

In her new cookbook Pati’s Mexican Table, Pati Jinich, host of the PBS series of the same name, has boiled down “the secrets of real Mexican home cooking” to just under 300 pages of approachable, delicious recipes. From salads and vegetarian dishes to breakfast and desserts, Pati’s Mexican Table contains a panoply of recipes to try and enjoy.

While some of the recipes in the book are typical to Mexican restaurants, others are a little more obscure to those of us from different cultures. However, Jinich makes the recipes seem simpler than you’d think. Her anecdotal introductions to the book’s chapters show her passion for the food, and the lovely color pictures throughout the book serve to inspire.

Worth having for anyone who is interested in learning the art of Mexican cuisine and whose interest extends beyond enchiladas.

Reviewed by Ashley McCall

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