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Winning Proposals Just Got Easier!

By Tom Sant
Amacom, $19.95, 280 pages

The American Management Association consistently publishes top-notch books and Persuasive Business Proposals is no exception. Tom Sant is a well-known sales and proposal consultant and this book shares his specialized knowledge. Sant’s book is amazingly detailed and informative, providing a complete guide to all things around the art of writing (and winning) business proposals. Sant proposes the NOSE framework for proposal writing. This simple acronym stands for Needs, Outcomes, Solutions and Evidence. Once the writer has these four content areas of the proposal developed, Sant shows how to fine-tune the final document. He includes a section on audience analysis and even how to manage the proposal writing process. Sant offers numerous checklists and graphics in his book, which includes a well-organized index as well. There is a great deal of information on each page, so an initial browse to orient yourself with the book first is a good idea. Persuasive Business Proposals truly is the next best thing to having Tom Sant by your side while you write your proposal.

Reviewed by Seniye Groff

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