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Right Place + Right Time = Successful Book

By Demetri Martin
Grand Central Publishing, $12.99, 208 pages

Have you ever wanted to meet a bucktooth vampire? Poor guy – two protruding buck teeth between his pointy fangs. Meet a young Zorro who hasn’t yet mastered his infamous signature. He is in his cursive phase. Do you know how to tell a married pirate from a single one? Just look for the gold wedding band on their hook! From New York Times bestselling author Demetri Martin comes Point Your Face at This: Drawings, the much anticipated follow-up to This Is a Book. Rather than focusing on humor writing, Martin features his famous drawings and one liners. Each page has one joke – a picture, graph or flowchart. A few of the cartoons are reminiscent of Gary Larson and The Far Side comics. Martin gets a kick out of using charts and graphs to illustrate his messages. He draws a three column chart, and under the headings Place, Time and Equal, there are four outcomes. Right Place + Right Time = Successful. Right Place + Wrong Time = Frustrated. Wrong Place + Wrong Time = Dead. One could argue that this is a simplified but true analysis of life. In order to “get” each picture, take a few moments to study the image. A movie theater marquee advertises the latest releases: Sequel, Remake, Remake of Sequel, Reboot, Reboot Remake, Sequel 2 in 3D. Sound familiar? In that same theme, another image shows three recycling bins. The first says “paper,” the second says “glass” and the third says “sitcom stories.” It is amazing how just a few simple lines can convey so much humor, sarcasm, criticism, wit and social commentary.

Reviewed by Kathryn Franklin

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