Postcards from Cedar Key4stars




By Terri Dulong
Kensington Publishing Corp, $15.00, 292 pages

I just put down Postcards from Cedar Key and enjoyed both the story and the characters in it. We meet Berkeley who is named after the town and the university in California where her mother and father met. Berkeley comes to Cedar Key on a lark, in hopes to unlock a family secret. The secret is not what she expected but one that she must eventually accept as part of her background. While growing up with her grandmother, Berkeley was told one story about her family’s history. But after receiving postcards from her mother, she learns there is more to the story that what she was told as a younger girl. Berkeley’s mother operates a very popular chocolate shop using old family recipes, and, in the process, wins the hearts of both young and old in Cedar Key. Author Terry DuLong takes the reader and Berkeley on a trip up to Maine to find some answers. I was able to read this in one sitting and, while not one that I would reread later, I enjoyed it very much. DuLong makes the characters and story easy to relate to. I could also picture myself in the story with Berkeley. I won’t give away the ending to Postcards From Cedar Key, but I think you, the reader, will enjoy this book with a side of chocolate and tea.

Reviewed by Annie Hicks

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