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Kids DO Say the Darndest Things

By Leslie McCollom
Perigee Trade, $13.00, 128 pages

“I’m feeling poisonous, baby kitty.” What would you do if you heard a little girl say this on the playground? You’d definitely want to remember it so you could share it with others and laugh about it later. Every day at work, preschool teacher Leslie McCollom would hear her tiny students say the funniest things (i.e., “One day I will tell the last of my jokes and then I will have to fill my body up with jokes again” and “I just touched my eyeball for nine minutes!”). She’d tell herself to remember them when she got home, but it never happened. Rather than letting the precious words of wisdom slip away, she created the Preschool Gems Twitter feed. This book is the best of two years of unique, creative, weird and funny words of children. Throughout the text, the author scatters drawings and sketches created by kids. Like McCollom says, little kids are just like regular people, except the volume is turned up to 11 and they make no attempt to edit what they say!

Reviewed by Elizabeth Franklin

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