Pretty Penny Makes Ends Meet3 star



Pretty Penny Crunches the Numbers

By Devon Kinch
Random House Books for Young Readers, $16.99, 40 pages,

In Pretty Penny Makes Ends Meet, Penny and her pig, Iggy, live in a house with Bunny. Bunny is on a fixed income, which is why she finds her budget a little tight when the basement floods, a window needs repair and the washing machine breaks. Penny wants to help Bunny by pitching in some money for repairs, so she and Iggy get creative.

Penny and Iggy spend a little money on supplies from the craft store – they plan to make jewelry and sell it. After a great day of sales, Penny teaches readers how to calculate a profit based on money spent on supplies and money earned from sales. In the end, Penny and Iggy give Bunny their profits and she thanks them for their hard work.

Author Devon Kinch’s Pretty Penny Makes Ends Meet helps young readers learn the basics of finances. As they follow along with the story, they learn where adults face “extra costs” and what a budget is. Penny’s crafting shows readers a simple view of small businesses and calculating costs, all while adding colorful, professional images. I’d recommend the book for children between the ages of four and nine, though the illustrations and the fun comedic relief of Iggy the piggy will be enjoyed by all.

Reviewed by Sophie Sestero

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