Rapido's Next Stop5stars



Go Rapido, Go!

By Jean-Luc Fromental, Illustrated by Joelle Jolivet
Abrams Books for Young Readers, $17.95, 20 pages

Rapido, the bright-red messenger van, takes his job very seriously. He has many items to deliver, and lots of people rely on him. Kids will enjoy following him on his journey throughout busy city streets in Rapido’s Next Stop. French author Jean-Luc Fromental has created an oversized board book that will provide hours of fun for little ones. This book is perfect for reading aloud since the story is told in rhyming prose, with each stanza hidden underneath a flap. Lift up the flap to see the text and discover where Rapido will travel next. The title page has a list of deliveries Rapido must make: an elementary school teacher is waiting for a globe, a fireman is expecting a fire hat and a mechanic is anticipating a tire delivery. Joelle Jolivet’s illustrations are full of fun details and vibrant colors. Kids can look for Rapido in each scene, while parents can ask their little ones to point out things like a wedding party, pigeons in a park or cats eating fish. Take a ride with Rapido and cheer him on as he makes his important deliveries.

Reviewed by Elizabeth Franklin

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