Road Trip5stars



Fun on Wheels

By Gary Paulsen & Jim Paulsen
Wendy Lamb Books, $12.99, 114 pages

Gary Paulsen and his son Jim have teamed up for Road Trip, taking readers on one unforgettable journey. This journey includes a tired boy named Ben, his very excitable father and the family’s border collie, Atticus. Along the way they meet some unlikely characters who join the adventure: Theo, Ben’s friend with a bad reputation; Mia, an out-of-work waitress; and a grumpy mechanic who keeps them all in line. The reader is carried away with this unusual gang on a mission to save an abandoned puppy. Ben’s father is fond of saying, “It’ll all work out,” and in the end it somehow does. The reader will enjoy the humorous (and often most accurate of all the characters) perspective of Atticus, which ends each chapter. This road trip will be remembered forever.

Reviewed by Alyssa Elwell

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