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A Great Day for Rolling

By Mary L. Pulcher & Annie Lindemann, Illustrations by Massimo Mongiardo
Vantage Press, $9.95, 28 pages

Story time before bed is a common nightly event many kids experience. A parent or grandparent lovingly tells a tale and bright young minds soak up the details. Authors Annie Lindermann and Mary L. Pulcher draw inspiration from “story time” and together they create Rolling, Rolling, Rolling: An Annie Lou “Once Upon a Time” Story. In the book, Annie Lou decides to make up a story to tell her friends. She creates a make-believe tale about vegetables that can talk! Meet Daddy Cantaloupe and his family as they spend Sunday afternoon rolling around in the heat. They roll out of Mr. Brown’s garden gate and soon camp on the Jasper farm with the Watermelon family. It’s a rolling party! The Cucumber family joins in too! After a while, Momma Cucumber is too tired to go on, so the others gather behind her to help push. Will it work? What happens when the group rolls into a river and falls off a high waterfall? How will they all get home? Sometimes stories made up on the spot are the most creative and fun to hear. Bond with the kids in your life by sharing a bedtime (or anytime) story.

Reviewed by Kathryn Franklin

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