Seekers Return to the Wild #2 The Melting Sea5stars




By Erin Hunter
Harper, $16.99, 265 pages

Return to the Wild is the second book in the Seekers series, and tracks the journey of a polar bear named Kallik. Kallik has become friends with other bears, including another polar bear, a black bear and a brown bear. Being polar bears, Kallik and Yakone need to get to their own environment: the ice. The bears are saddened to split from each other, but they do nonetheless. When Kallik arrives at the Melting Sea, she discovers that the bears are starving and, as a result, many of them are being terrorized by a group of bullies.

Erin Hunter has written a wonderful book for young readers. She has a knack for being imaginative and creative, two key elements that young readers will appreciate and relate to. The story is exciting, and the bonds formed between friends will teach young readers a valuable lesson. The book is suspenseful and leaves readers holding their breath for the next installment.

Reviewed by Lindy Gervin

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