The Beauchamp Family is Back!

By Melissa de la Cruz
Hyperion, $23.99, 336 pages

Now that the restriction against practicing magic has been lifted, the Beauchamp witches are enjoying all the perks that come with the ability to cast spells, mix potions and magically help the people of their charming little town. But along with the perks come new challenges and dangers. Readers of the adult novels written by New York Times best selling author Melissa de la Cruz met Freya, Ingrid and their mother Joanna in Witches of East End. Fans will be thrilled the trio is back in Serpent’s Kiss, the second book in the Witches of East End series.

Freddie, Freya’s twin brother, suddenly returns to North Hampton after a long stay in Limbo. After escaping Limbo, Freddy’s main goal becomes clearing his name in a crime that he claims was not his fault. In fact, Freddie blames Freya’s fiancé Killian. Freya doesn’t know who to trust and the family suspects there is more to the story than Freddie is revealing. Ultimately, the family must choose sides in a battle between good and evil.

Readers will be delighted to witness shy Ingrid falling in love for the first time with Police detective Matt Noble. He seems to be the complete package, but he doesn’t believe in magic. Is Matt really “the one” for Ingrid? Since the book falls in the middle of the series, there is no real conclusion and the ending is left open, preparing fans for the next installment of the saga, The Winds of Salem, due for release in June of 2013. Readers who are new to this series will want to start with the first book in order to fully enjoy this entertaining tale of romance, betrayal, magic and suspense.

Reviewed by Elizabeth Franklin

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