Service Failure The Real Reasons5stars



Uncover the Real Reason Service Is So Poor!

By Jeff Toister
Amacom, $17.95, 202 pages

Service Failure, by seasoned customer service guru Jeff Toister, chooses to display customer service in a different light. Instead of assuming poor customer service is the result of bad employees, he contends that poor customer service is created by bad systems, procedures and processes. To compound this problem, each customer enters the service scenario with a personalized vision of what good customer service is and is not.

Service Failure is organized into three parts: Part 1, understanding the obstacles that prevent outstanding service; Part 2, overcoming the obstacles with 10 obstacles explored; and Part 3, implementing practical solutions to these obstacles.

Toister’s book is full of practical advice. He shares numerous examples and scenarios, often from his own experience. Each chapter ends with a bulleted list of summary points. Toister believes that creating a clear objective before taking action is critically important to an organization’s customer service success. Service Failure will definitely aid the customer service manager in pinpointing the obstacles in his organization and will help him create a clear-cut plan to remove obstacles and create customer service success.

Reviewed by Seniye Groff

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