By Donna Andrews
Minotaur Books, $24.99, 344 pages

Caerphilly is reeling from severe financial troubles in which a foreclosing lender seems determined to shut the whole town down.  To make matters worse, the town clerk, Phineas Throckmorton – who has barricaded himself inside the courthouse – has been framed for murder. Now, Meg Langlow must immerse herself in yet another mystery, in order catch the true perpetrator, save the town and free its clerk.

Donna Andrews creates a fun-loving bunch of characters that provide witty dialogue as well as an intensely mysterious plot. The story is dripping with suspense and humor, making for a quick, fun read. A cozy mystery by genre, not stereotype, Some Like it Hawk is another witty addition to Donna Andrews’ Meg Langslow mystery series – and it will leave readers begging for the next installment.

Reviewed by Lindy Gervin

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