Survival of the Filthiest A Get Fuzzy Collection5stars



From One Extreme to Another

By Darby Conley
Andrews McMeel Publishing, $12.99, 128 pages

Survival of the Filthiest: A Get Fuzzy Collection is another collection presented by Darby Conley, featuring the lovable Satchel and the abrasive Bucky. Rob Wilco is your average bachelor, kept company by his faithful pets. Satchel is Rob’s ever-loving dog; wrinkly and simple. Satchel brings a unique perspective that is his simplified view of the world. To contrast Sachel’s purity of spirit, Rob also owns a one-fanged cat named Bucky. Bucky is filled with malice, spite, and cynicism. His continued efforts to dominate and put-down Rob results in hilarity.

Get Fuzzy is a comic for the reader who enjoys dry and sarcastic humor based on the suffering of others. Bucky creates delightful conflict between the three with his hair-brained ideas and demands, while Satchel just calls it like he sees it. Rob acts as the mediator and keeps the two civil.

Darby Conely is a wonderful comic artist who masters the facial expressions and is not afraid to shy away from any topic. He brings a great sense of humor for those who enjoy a bit more adult humor.

Reviewed by Rachel J. Richards

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