The Best Things You Can Eat5stars



Great One-Stop Resource to Help You Make the Best Food Decisions

By David Grotto, RD, LDN
Lifelong Books, $15.99, 314 pages

David Grotto’s The Best Things You Can Eat is similar to a daily multivitamin: it is a comprehensive, information-packed, one-shot pill for making better-informed health decisions. Section one reviews vitamins and minerals and the top seven sources for each of them. Section two addresses ailments such as digestion issues, high cholesterol, aging and even cancer with food recommendations to combats the them. Section three covers super-foods divided into categories like grains, nuts, proteins, snack items and even gluten-free. The book closes with a table of “The Best Things You Can Eat, by Food/Beverage.” Items are even bolded when they provide an excellent source of that nutrient.

The Best Things You Can Eat is so well organized. Each chapter opens with a “Sneak Peek” ranking of the top seven sources and gives honorable mentions, best food groups and why the nutrient is important. Chapters also detail how much of the nutrient you really need and when you are getting too much of a “good thing.” Following are detailed explanations of the top seven sources and often a text box, “Shocker Food,” with a related interesting tidbit or fact. Now there is no excuse to not eat healthy, get all the nutrients you need and eat to resolve common complaints. Read this book and refer to it often to maximize your health with beneficial, thoughtful eating choices.

Reviewed by Seniye Groff

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