The Bible Answer Handbook3 star



A Few Questions, A Lot of Answers

By Larry Richards, PhD
Revell, $13.99, 460 pages

The Bible is not the easiest book to read; having access to answers can help. The Bible Answer Handbook gives a casual reader the answer he is looking for, broken down by book. It looks at cultural aspects, the story behind the story as it were, and how they apply to the section in question. It also looks at some of the errors in the various translations, and how they occurred. This makes it very thorough in its approach to answering biblical questions, even looking at the culture of the time to better explain the response to the question.

One of the problems with any book in The Bible is that there are a number of different perspectives. With that as a given, this book is written from a Catholic perspective, and that may put some off; it also influences some of the choices made in answering the questions. The style itself sometimes comes off as a just a little too enthusiastic about The Bible, making it sound like a fan rather than a scholar. This is a great reference for those looking for answers, and can help when it comes to answering those hard questions.

Reviewed by Jamais Jochim

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