The Bus Driver5stars



Count 1 to 10 and Back Again

By Todd H. Doodler
Robin Corey Books, $7.99, 22 pages

Spend the day with a friendly bus driver as he takes different people and animals all around the town. Young readers will learn to count from one to ten and back again as the bus drives to each stop, picking up and dropping off a variety of unique passengers. Shaped like a double-decker bus, this sturdy board book is both fun and educational. Todd H. Doodler, author of The Bus Driver, invites readers along for the ride.

One bus driver starts off his day all alone. As the morning progresses, he picks up two very talkative girls on their cell phones. By the time the basketball players, doctors, puppies and more hop on board, there are no more empty seats. Time to make some drops! The ten teachers get off in front of their school. The dogs and their fleas hop off at the dog wash, ready to be pampered. When the last passenger leaves, the bus driver can go home, and your little reader will have counted from one to ten! The cast of characters is ethnically diverse and different ages and professions are represented. Pick up this darling book and hop on for some fun.

Reviewed by Kathryn Franklin

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