The Dark Hour2stars



Less Than Thrilling

By Robin Burcell
Harper, $5.99, 385 pages

Sydney Fitzpatrick works as a forensic artist for the FBI, creating witness sketches for high-profile cases. Her most recent assignment sends her to Amsterdam to handle a witness sketch after FBI agent Zachary Griffin is framed for murder. Soon, Sydney and Zach are racing around Europe trying to locate a possible double agent – Zach’s wife, who is supposed to be dead – and prevent the release of a deadly bioweapon.

The Dark Hour has an interesting premise and storyline, essential for any spy thriller. The writing is well done and the author organizes the multiple plotlines in a way that isn’t confusing or disorienting to the reader. Despite that, the book doesn’t have the spark to make it a really good spy thriller. The characters are OK but not interesting enough to grab the reader’s attention or interest. The ultimate conclusion of the book is unsurprising and standard. Sometimes there’s nothing better than tucking into a good thriller. Unfortunately, The Dark Hour is neither thrilling nor enjoyable.

Reviewed by Barbara Cothern

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