The Disaster Survival Bible3 star



Edited by Junius Podrug
Forge, $24.99, 270 pages

When we do not experience disasters happening to us or see them in our neighborhoods, we forget to prepare for them. Yet preparedness can make the difference between staying alive and perishing. Junius Podrug pleads with his readers to take possible disasters seriously and take preparedness action. His book The Disaster Survival Bible is very thorough and covers in great detail every aspect of potential disasters. In the first 22 pages he attempts to motivate us to act and act now. Then he briefly covers four potential disasters: biological and chemical agents and radiological and nuclear hazards.

“…there will be time during which you and your family have to survive on your own.”

The information here is common knowledge for anyone who can read and who keeps up to date. Podrug mainly gives examples and describes their consequences and what to do to escape and remain safe. The remaining two-thirds of the book describes federal security guides in extreme detail. The checklists and precautions are exhaustive in length, many of them totally unnecessary, and readers could take weeks and weeks to really go through them. He quotes numerous websites, all general (e.g. Repetition and empty filler is common in this thick volume, and much of the information is available online. What’s missing is a general index.

Reviewed by George Erdosh

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