The Dog Lover's Companion to California5stars



A Guide Fit for the Dogs

By Maria Goodavage, Illustrated by Phil Frank
Avalon Travel Publishing, $24.99, 1008 pages

Are you always looking for dog-friendly travel accommodations? Your search ends now! The dog Dark Ages are over. Maria Goodavage and Jake the yellow lab have given readers The Dog Lover’s Companion to California, a bestseller with the inside scoop on where to eat, stay and play throughout the Golden State. Organized by counties, the chapters are filled with hotels, restaurants, beaches, hikes, parks, business and camping areas catering to dogs! Entries are rated using the “Paws Scale” – the lowest rating is the fire hydrant (the park is merely worth a squat when there is a bathroom emergency). One paw to four paws (four paw equals a dog’s paradise) helps owners choose their trip itinerary. Look for “pick of the litter” selections, which indicate favorite locations in the featured county.

Goodavage’s writing style is conversational and very funny. Readers will benefit from all her research and insider tips. Phil Frank’s fantastic illustrations and humorous pictures of dogs and their people will delight readers. Goodavage also includes more unique adventures like gondola rides and train trips. At 1008 pages, you and your pooch will have years to explore and enjoy California together.

Reviewed by Elizabeth Franklin

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