The Family Hour in Australia4stars



Australian Wildlife

By Tai Snaith
Gibbs Smith, $17.99, 32 pages

The Family Hour In Australia is a great way to get kids interested in both reading and wildlife.

Tai Snaith teaches kids about some of the many animals in Australia. A few of the animals included are the finch, the wombat, the kangaroo, the Tasmanian devil and the platypus. The art makes the book come alive. The beautiful watercolor illustrations show the reader how these creatures live in their natural habitats. Author and illustrator, Snaith was very creative with her paintings. The animals are unforgettable because they are doing some wild and crazy things, like Tasamanian devils playing in a rock band and a baby echidna on its mother’s back drinking a glass of pink milk through a straw!

This book is an entertaining way to introduce kids to Australian wildlife. It also includes a section in the back called “Family Facts,” which offers additional information on each animal.

Reviewed by Alyssa Elwell

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