The Hammer and the Blade3 star



A Thief and a Priest Buy a Bar…

By Paul S. Kemp
Angry Robot, $7.99, 416 pages

Robbing tombs is profitable work, provided you can survive it. Warrior priest Egil and quick-witted thief Nix have combined their skills to make a successful career of it so far, but all good things must end and they’re ready to retire. However, when they take out the wrong tomb guardian, the duo finds themselves dragged back into trouble in The Hammer and the Blade. Along with the normal perils of traveling through haunted wastes, Egil and Nix find themselves embroiled in an ancient bargain between demons and magicians that could be more than even these adventurers can handle.

In the style of a classic fantasy dungeon crawl, this is a fast paced book about friends having wild adventures. At the same time it clings to the traditions of the genre, it shatters others entirely. Unlikely and unexpected friendships form in well-plotted action scenes. The book stands as an excellent and enjoyable fantasy adventure book, as well as a thoughtful look at the treatment and role of women in fantasy. Just the book for someone missing a little pulp with a different outlook.

Reviewed by Meg Gibbs

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