The Little Book of Talent 52 Tips for Improving Your Skills5stars



Sparks Immediate Excited Action

By Daniel Coyle

Bantam Books, $18.00, 124 pages

We are often taught that talent begins with genetic gifts – that the talented are able to effortlessly perform feats the rest of us can only dream about. This is false.

Daniel Coyle is a bestselling author who truly deserves to be bestselling. The Little Book of Talent follows his previous big bang, The Talent Code, in which Coyle established that excellence stems not from superb genes or being hit by lighting at birth, but rather from deep, conscious practice and lasting motivation. In The Little Book of Talent, Coyle lays out 52 ways of applying his radical new interpretation of talent. The book is divided into three parts – getting started, improving skills, and sustaining progress – and functions as a handy reference guide for achieving greater success in pretty much anything. Its small size makes it easy to slip into a guitar case, hockey bag or purse. While the tips are brief, some shorter than a page, each one is profound, unique and valuable. The ideas Coyle advances are empowering and thrilling, and will enable the average person to attain success through hard work. The Little Book of Talent will forever alter the readers views on talent, superstars and themselves. Be advised – reading is likely to have mind-blowing effects.

Reviewed by Andrea Klein

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