The Little Recycler5stars



By Jan Gerardi
Random House Books for Young Readers, $6.99, 16 pages

Is your little tot a “teenie greenie” – a child who enjoys helping to protect planet Earth? In her new book The Little Recycler, author Jan Gerardi aims to show early readers that they too can have fun doing something good for our environment – recycling! Watch as a young boy collects bottles, plastic, paper and tin. He wheels the piles out to the curb, where a truck arrives and takes everything to the recycling center. Flip the flaps to find out what happens next!

“Pick it up. Drop it in. Take it to another bin.”

The main message little minds will take away from this clever book is that there are simple things anyone can do to help old things become brand new, such as donation and reuse, both forms of recycling. When read aloud, the rhyming text rolls off the tongue. Simple, colorful pictures portray a tremendous amount of activity in each scene. Ecology-minded readers will be glad to know that this educational book is printed on 80 percent recycled paper with soy ink and water-based varnish. Made with thick, sturdy pages, this inviting, hands-on book is likely to become a family favorite.

Reviewed by Elizabeth Franklin

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