The Stroboscopic Life of Blake Winkler And Other Stories5stars



More Than Just Short Stories

By Stefanie Fife
Lemon Jam Inc., $5.99, 112 pages

The Stroboscopic Life of Blake Winkler by Stephanie Fife is a surprisingly entertaining compilation of short stories. Each story is uniquely diverse, leaving you affected in some way – uplifted, depressed, shocked and especially reflective of your own life and relationships. From the touching story of a cello-playing soldier to the hilarious romp of a church picnic run amok, her stories are enjoyable. Fife is a writer to watch. She deftly weaves America’s most common tragic tales into beautiful, almost poetic, individual yarns, leaving you wanting so much more. Each one could easily be a complete novel and you’d still want more. She is able to suck the reader in with the strength of her characters. Fife expertly portrays who they are and how they think. You know each one of them; you have a friend or acquaintance you can compare to them. This is what ties these stories together. You only get to live in the lives of these poor souls for just a few pages, but they will impact who you are and how you view your own world for much longer.

This eBook is worth the download and is something you will want to read again and again.

Reviewed by M. Chris Johnson

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