The Three Little Pigs4stars



Patience is a Virtue

By Miriam Latimer, Paper Engineering by Sam Ita
Barron’s Educational Series, Inc., $12.99, 12 pages

In this retelling of the classic fairy tale The Three Little Pigs, author Miriam Latimer works with paper engineer Sam Ita to transform the tale into a pop-up book. This story is about the importance of having patience and taking the time to do things right. The first little pig is lazy and builds his house out of straw; the second sees the first playing and quickly makes his house of sticks. The third, more patient than his brothers, wants his home to be sturdy, and takes his time to build a house out of bricks despite wanting to go play with his brothers. Which piggy’s house will withstand the huffing and puffing of the hungry Big Bad Wolf? Check out this fun pop-up version of the story to find out!

Reviewed by Andrea Franke

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