The Thyroid Solution Diet4stars



Informative Book for Those with Thyroid Disorders

By Ridha Arem, MD
Free Press, $26.00, 367 pages

Weight loss is a popular topic in our culture. There are hundreds of books published each year that address the topic, each posing different theories about what makes and keeps us fat. Dr. Ridha Arem’s latest book, The Thyroid Solution Diet, focuses on how various hormonal and environmental factors affect weight and our ability to lose it. The book is easy to read as it goes into the specifics of how hormones, particularly the thyroid hormone, affect weight loss. In addition to the thyroid issues, Arem discusses other contributors to weight gain, including stress, lack of sleep and the foods we eat. Additionally, the book provides a specific food and exercise plan that is easy to follow and incorporate into your daily life. This book is interesting, informative and easy to read and understand. While the book is highly relevant for those with thyroid disorders, it is recommended for anyone who struggles with weight loss.

Reviewed by Barbara Cothern

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