Wurst is Yet to Come2stars



The Wurst Has Arrived

By Mary Daheim
William Morrow, $23.99, 291 pages

Bed and breakfast owner and amateur detective Judith McMonigle Flynn is doing her best to stay out of trouble. Struggling to stay afloat during poor economic times, she agrees to volunteer at a tourism booth to promote local inns in the area. Unfortunately, trouble follows Judith wherever she goes and she quickly winds up in the middle of two homicides. With her cousin Renie and the local police, she must work to solve the crimes before another person ends up dead.

The Wurst is Yet to Come is the latest in Mary Daheim’s Bed-And-Breakfast Mystery Series.  The premise is a fun one, especially for fans of tea cozy mysteries. However, the book quickly gets waylaid by the characters themselves, none of whom are pleasant to read about. Judith’s cousin Renie, in particular, is a shrieking and impulsive shrew who lends nothing to the experience. It is hard to fathom why Judith agrees to spend any time with Renie, or to have her come on a work outing at all. The mystery part of the book is fine and fairly interesting but, unfortunately, is unable make up for the annoying characters.

Reviewed by Barbara Cothern

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