Toads on Toast4stars



Fun Lesson about Resourcefulness

By Linda Bailey, Illustrated by Colin Jack
Kids Can Press, $16.95, 32 pages

The lazy fox is tired of eating the same thing every day – a big fat, boiled toad. Instead, he finds a toad cookbook. Fox is searching for the perfect recipe for the brood of young toads he caught one evening, when the mother toad bounces in the door and begs him to reconsider. Fox is prepared to eat Toads on Toast. To convince Fox to try something else, the mother frog suggest he try “Toad in Hole,” a recipe where the secret ingredient is no frogs! Fox toasts bread, breaks an egg in the middle and enjoys a frogless dinner. It becomes his new favorite meal, and he never eats a frog again!

Linda Bailey’s children’s book, while focusing on a comical bunch of baby toads, holds a lesson for young readers, and especially picky eaters – trying something new can be a good thing. If Fox was stubborn and didn’t try the new recipe, he would have never found his new favorite food. Colin Jack’s inked illustrations with dark colors add humor as well as a creepy feel to the pages of the book.

Reviewed by Sophie Sestero

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