Twin Magic #15stars



By Kate Ledger, Illustrated by Kyla May
Scholastic, $3.99, 32 pages

“When twins get together, we’re stronger than ever!” This is the motto of twins Lottie and Mia. And being a twin myself, I’d have to agree. When my sister and I are in the same room, watch out! It is almost like we have superpowers. And that is exactly what Lottie and Mia experience when they decide that someone needs their help. Katie Ledger’s Twin Magic #1: Lost Tooth Rescue! is perfect for first and second graders. Ledger is a mother of identical twins so she knows what “double the fun” means.

“When twins get together, we’re stronger than ever! Twin magic azam, let’s do what we can!”

In this story, Lottie and Mia are going to their first day of school. Lottie loves pink. Children will love looking at the details of Kayla May’s illustrations to find all of Lottie’s pink possessions. Mia loves green. They both wear dresses that feature their favorite colors. What starts out as a normal day quickly changes when a new friend named Anna loses her tooth! She can’t find it anywhere and is worried that the tooth fairy won’t visit. Time for Super Twin powers! Pink glitter makes a trail throughout the school. Kids can follow the path that the twins take with their finger and search the illustrations for Anna’s tooth. It is in a very unusual and very high place. Time for Super Twin powers! Add in tiny Rosie the unicorn and the problem is solved. Twins and singletons will love reading this book over and over and finding all the details in the pictures. This series is sure to be a hit. Keep your eye out for School Bully, Beware!, coming out August 2013.

Reviewed by Elizabeth Franklin

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