Unspoken The Lynburn Legacy5stars



By Sarah Rees Brennan
Random House Books for Children, $18.99, 373 pages

Unspoken is a remarkable novel with witty inner dialogue, great characters with a twisted sense of humor, as well as one absolutely fascinating narrator. Kami Glass may have been an outsider for most of her life (hearing voices can do that to a girl’s social life), but she soon catches the attention of the two secretive Lynburn boys. Luckily, Kami loves secrets. Her ambition to investigate their family proves to be a challenging task – a task that will put her in danger’s path and even shake her immense confidence.

“Kami wanted to run, but she wouldn’t. Not until she found out the truth. She crept forward.”

Sorry-in-the-Vale may seem an unremarkable English town, but the Lynburns are no ordinary residents. Their history is long and Kami is driven to investigate by the mixture of fear and respect people seem to hold for the Lynburns. Her own family secrets unravel as she finds that the voice of the boy she has heard in her head her whole life may not be just a figment of her imagination.

The creative storyline is backed with engaging characters and tangible emotions. The ending was nothing less than a spectacular rollercoaster of emotions, and will leave the reader itching for more.

Reviewed by Isabel Hernandez

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