Up Jumps the Devil5stars



Michael Poore Shows Pity for the Devil

By Michael Poore
ecco, $13.99, 368 pages

The Devil is a menace, or so it would seem throughout history, literature and faith. However, in Michael Poore’s Up Jumps the Devil, a twist on this historically diabolical character transforms him into a sympathetic, unlucky-in-love victim of circumstance.

In the novel, main character John Scratch, also known as the Devil, is conducting his usual evil dealings when he encounters a band that is willing to do anything to become famous. After the seemingly simple deal is sealed, Scratch begins facing trouble with the strong-willed group, not to mention he unwillingly falls in love with the lead singer, Memory.

Poore succeeds not only in illustrating the devil as a relatable character with whom readers can empathize, but also in crafting a story that flows perfectly from the modern-day all the way back to before the earth was formed, and everything in between. Up Jumps the Devil is a must read story, akin to the works of Neil Gaiman and Christopher Moore with their fast-paced, clever writing.

Reviewed by Andrew Keyser

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