Waiting for Sunrise A Cedar Key Novel5stars



By Eva Marie Everson
Revell, $14.99, 390 pages

Waiting for Sunrise, by Eva Marie Everson, is a poignant tale about the meaning of family. Beginning with her childhood, the story spans the entirety of Patsy’s life, dealing with such issues as depression and abuse, while highlighting the power of a mother’s love. Everson draws the reader in and pulls at the heart strings in a magnificent manner that will speak to any mother, daughter, brother, sister, or father.

“Patsy, what this cupid holds is for outer beauty. Promise me, your mother-for I will always be your mother-that you will never depend on physical beauty but always the loveliness that comes from within.”

This reviewer enjoyed the cohesiveness of the story and the development and depth of the characters throughout. The ending is bittersweet, and completes the book perfectly. Any reader who is interested in family drama, women’s literature, or romance should consider this novel.

Reviewed by Jina Oravetz

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